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Methuselah Ltd (Croatian: Metuzalem d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia) was founded with a vision to gather talented group of enthusiasts for Internet technology. The main goal was achieved in 2008 when the team decided to move their residence to little piece of paradise called - Space Island.

Space Island

A team consists of around 10 talented individuals who give their contribution every day in a common goal - weather it is achieving a business objective for a client or racing to our favorite restaurant for another brainstorming session.

What we do?

We have a growing reputation as a firm that connects experts (talented individuals) with an expertise needed to plan, design, develop, optimize for search engines, market and support exceptional web sites.

We also have a mathematical line that „draws" us to monitor and explain the results of our work.
Monitoring the effects and influence of Web sites gives us useful information that leads to conclusions about possible changes. Development of the Web sites belongs to the rapidly changing information technology segment, and tracking new trends undoubtedly gives results.

How we do it?

Metuzalem first learned how to compute on his ABACUS Our personal opinion is that the web site should be defined and created according to Web standards (The World Wide Web Consortium) with major emphasis on customer experience through search engine optimization resulting with simple accessibility and clear, structured and intuitive navigation.

In short, the adjustment for web site visitors and search engines go hand in hand, and our task is to follow the latest momentum in the development of internet sites of new generation.

The Team

Although this part of paradise called Space Island was discovered recently, it is already populated with a group of talented individuals.

Team consists of:
Hot Air Balloon Driver – visual identity designer
Small Boats Driver - programmer and consultant for E-commerce solution
Windmill Supervisor - Web Site Designer
Cave Man – man from the shadow
The Tree - project manager, Website Developer and CMS

Many times those people join us on our journey: Fish From The Fall - Flash animator, Worker In The Quarry - 3D animator and visualization, Boat Captain With the Crew - info pylons - advertising - digital print – cars painting, Steppers - Business program for Croatia, BiH and Serbia.
Google map for Methuselah

Metuzalem Ltd

CEO: Tajana Mrazovic

Address: Hercegnovski put 31
City: 10000 Zagreb
State: Croatia - Hrvatska

MB: 02431050, MBS: 080671404
BankIBAN: HR7724020061100687033
Phone: +385 95 908 6945

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Our personal opinion is that the web site should be defined according to create Web standards (W3C) with major emphasis on customer experience through search engine optimization resulting with simple accessibility. In short, the adjustment for site visitors and search engines go hand in hand, and our task is to follow the latest moment in the development of new generation internet site.

E-commerce / Webshop

Building online shop can be as demanding as opening a real store. The Methuselah is a hybrid of economist and IT, therefore Internet commerce appears to be an ideal area for the unification of the two disciplines.

Search engine Optimization (Google, Yahoo etc.)

When someone is looking for us – so they can find us! True, this process in the Internet space takes some time. It usually takes few months to steadily climb up in Search engine ranking if all other important presumptions are met. There is faster, but commercial way thou.

Web metrics

Serve for tracking of webpage visitors, visits and group of number indicators that they generated, in graphical form or in form of numbers.


If you also want a part of Internet paradise, we will help you with organization and activation of domains and sub-domains. Our domain is free and ends with .hr, your Internet domain can also be free if you own a company or an agency.
Check the availability of .hr domain here.


Hosting includes the lease of hosting of desired size and accompanying services that include creating e-mail for every resident, transfer of data from the previous space/place and more...


In addition to creative expression in website design, we like to work on complex businesses models, such as Internet commerce, or use third type of design - Zen design – that emphasizes information and harmony + simplicity of design. So, three models of design can be: creative webpage design, business webpage design and Zen design.

Visual identity

A logo, business cards, letters, envelopes, Power Point Templates - air balloon driver will come for his cider of creativity.


We are aware of the advantage good marketing campaign can provide.

Although Internet marketing today is one of many forms of advertising, it really can have better and more powerful effects than some expensive frequently used and many times seen stiles.

Starting from website, throughout other company's media (a logo, business cards, letters, envelopes, Power Point Templates and other)- we can create for you an impeccable corporate identity that will be recognized and admired.

Collaboration is possible with all Croatian towns (like: Zagreb, Rijeka, Varazdin, Osijek, Zadar), and other countries. We are using Skype tool - it makes possible to talk and take control over a remote computer in the same time (for education, support...).

Brohures and catalogues

Brohures and adds

Advertisement, commercials

Using the latest technology in the engraving field and printing with the expertise and speed of performing - guarantee the success of your projects in the area of promotion. In 12 years of experience working with advertising, our partner Rineo design can be proud of finishing many successful projects.
Advertisement, commercials, digital printing...
Advertisement, commercials

Business software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated system that is used to track and manage all business processes of enterprises (only for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia).

Software was developed with the latest information technology, and is integrated with the Windows interface and Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel). ERP system is used in many companies in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Areas of use:
Wholesale and retail
Distribution of goods and services

Vehicles painting, car painting

Vehicle painting is another form of advertising we can help you with. A few hundred of vehicles have been painted according to their visual identity in Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia.
Contact us for more information.
Vehicles painting, car painting
Vehicles painting, car painting

CNC engraving

CNC engraving

Digitalni printing and XXL print

Digitalni printing and XXL print

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